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Colour selection based on coat colour - the myriad of choice

With more and more choices for colour and styles it presents most riders with a bit of a conundrum, choice but don't know which colour or style will best suit your horse.  Even bigger problem when you are buying saddle pad or more generally horse gear that isn't exactly cheap.

So how to solve this conundrum?  First of all, it takes some self reflection about what kind of style or colours you like.  Do you like bright, in your face, colours or are you like more of a classic or understated colours sort of person? Because at the end of the day if you select a bright colour for your horse and you tend not to go for that kind of colour, chances are you are not going to be happy, as much as colour may suit your horses coat.  So if you are wanting to have bright colour selection, you are best to look at what colour creates the greatest contrast? So it suggested for instance, not putting light yellow with a palomino and not using orange on a chestnut (but if you are super keen on using these colours on these coloured horses, by all means go ahead).

Also if you are keen for the more classic colour selection you might find that black saddle pad on a black horse with black tack might make the look bland and everything blends together rather having a little distinction between the horse, saddle pad and saddle.  Below are internet images found at random, for demonstration purposes, which show similar colour, contrasting bright colour and more understated or classic colour selection.  

The other consideration is, how well is this colour going to wear? If it is a lighter shade then dirt is going to show up more prominently compared to a darker shade. Conversely, if you have dark colours on light coloured horses then you may want to refrain from using that saddle pad when your horse is shedding its winter coat.  Also if you wash your saddle pads regularly the colour may fade over time so choosing a colour that doesn't change in suitability if it lightens is also a consideration.  Finally, if you are a matchy matchy kind of person, is this colour readily available in all the gear that you want to match?

So, I have posed all this different questions and scenarios to consider when choosing colours and still a little lost on what colour to choose?  When I was considering what to write in this blog post, I thought there has to be a way to give people a visual representation of what colours are going to be best for their horse's coat and accommodate variations of each coat colour. Then I remembered, back in the 1980's (or at least that is when I could remember my mum getting it done) there was trend to go and get your colours done. It was based on your skin tone, hair and eye colour and you were given a colour palette to work with when selecting colours for your clothes.  So I did an internet search and found a diagram that did just that and I have condensed into hair colour and colour palette (don't think it really matters what colour your horse's eyes or skin tone is).








So as you can see, most human hair colours can actually match horse coat colours and you get some ideas about what colours are likely to suit regardless if you want to go bright or something a little more classic in style.  This also demonstrates that if your horse's coat changes over different seasons or after being clipped, the colour selection may need to change to accommodate the changes in coat.

Hopefully, this information has given some insights into colour selection and helps you on your own journey to select your own horse's colours and style.  Check out the different coloured horse gear available at Horse Desires through the products menu above.

Or if all else fails, and you live in our service region, book in for your horse's very own Personal Styling Session.