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Trying on products at home without voiding return policy

So you may have read on our Returns Policy page that you can return your item within 30 days of purchase and thought "How do I return the item in original condition without dirt or hair?".

Well, here are some tips to help you out, just in case you find out that you want another colour or size. While it doesn't require the horse to be washed, you should brush your horse beforehand to ensure as much dirt and loose hair is removed as possible.


Find a pair of old, long, thin socks and stretch over the hoof and up the leg.  Obviously a pair of long football socks or tall boot socks is preferable to give appropriate coverage for bigger horses.  Leave the toe in the sock if you intend to try on bell boots or cut off the toe if your horse has longer legs (and you can't find long enough socks to use with toe in).  Ensure that the sock still has reasonable elasticity so that the sock stays in place easily.  Then you can try on the boots for size and get an overall impression of if the colour selection is right for your horse (and your existing horse tack).

Tip: You can use a sock with the toe still in to ice your horses hoof and fetlock area if your horse doesn't like resting its foot in a bucket of ice cold water.  Just slip the sock over the hoof, place the ice around the hoof or fetlock area and then pull the sock up around the leg and bandage as usual. If you are icing in area next to skin use two socks, one to protect the skin and the other to put the ice in and bandage. Caution - this should only be used if your horse is tied up under supervision or in small holding yard.

Saddle Cloths

Use a thin saddle cloth or towel underneath to try on the saddle cloth. Also if you have a clean cotton or show rug then lay it over the horse as normal and then fold the rug back from the wither. This may not be as good as the thin saddle cloth or towel method but is another option if you don't have these items to use.

If you want to avoid all the dramas of keeping the items clean and you are close enough, you can book in a Personal Styling Session.