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Why your old, tired gear is holding you back in achieving your riding goals

Okay, bear with me as I explain why your old riding gear is having such an impact in progressing in your riding journey. Think about the following typical riding session below. I know, I have suffered many...

After a really crappy day at work, or a fight with your significant other, or the kids driving you insane, you get dressed in usual riding gear to go out to ride your horse. You look in the mirror, not happy with what you see.

Old, tired, stained, mismatched and the fit doesn't complement your shape at all.  Better yet, you are thinking about how many times you are going to have to stop to readjust your clothes during your ride or where the new blister/ rub mark may appear. Putting on this gear makes you feel despondent about the ride ahead rather than happy.

Then you get out to your horse and put own the same old tired saddle pad and boots. You recheck and adjust your saddle and bridle what feels like a million times as it just doesn't quite look right.

This is all before you even get on your horse. Next challenge getting on the horse and getting some good work out of them and heaven forbid, make some progress in training.

You get on and guess what? Your riding session is a complete waste of time unless you think making your horse sour in his work as an achievement.

Now it isn't your poor pony's fault. You are not really focused in what you are doing. Not giving clear and consistent aids. Not correcting the horse quick enough when they start to get lazy or fall out of the movement. And definitely not rewarding good behaviour or work either quick enough or at all.

This is because you are maybe stressing about the gear not fitting properly or it is starting to move on your horse. The constant stopping to rearrange your uncomfortable clothes back to correct position isn't helping either. 

Your crappy mood is not translating you into the focused rider that you need to be. Actually you are quickly descending into a frustrating riding black hole. You are questioning your sanity and whether you should give up this riding fantasy where you might actually get to be a good rider and your horse can be trained to be a pleasure to ride. 

Okay, before you reach for your Valium or your alcoholic beverage of choice, think about this riding session...

Maybe same start to the session as the previous example, crappy day but now off to ride. You pull on your new riding gear or it may just be your favourite riding outfit. The clothes fit you well and are comfortable. They even may match or complement your horse's gear that you are going to put on them today. No worries about having readjust or being rubbed the wrong way.

Next you saddle up your horse in nice, clean, comfortable saddle pad, maybe even matching boots, along with fitted bridle and saddle.

Guess what you do next? Take your phone out and take a photo of your pretty pony and maybe even a selfie, because you are totally smashing horse fashion goals at the moment, #winning. Also you have the biggest smile on your face and you haven't even started riding yet.

Your riding session is awesome. Fluid and complete session where the warm up flows seamlessly into the work you want to focus on today. Then into cool down where you are happily reflecting on your and your horse's progress today as your horse winds down. You are super focused rider, with clear and consistent aids. Empathetic corrections when your horse starts to fall off course in a movement. Quick to respond with regular rubs on the neck to reward your horse as they are trying so hard today and showing great improvements in training.

Why so different experiences?

Because a positive, focused mindset is the biggest step to achieving your riding goals.

Okay, I can hear you mumbling at the screen. How can good riding gear change your mindset and improve your riding journey?


  • comfortable well fitting gear for yourself and your horse means that you both won't be distracted by pain or discomfort,
  • there is implied commitment to improving your riding by investing in good well fitting gear that you are proud to wear or put your horse in,
  • seeing your horse in the good gear or getting dressed in your favourite outfit means that your mindset is changed positively before you get on. You are positioned to start the session in the right place - focused, consistent and clear rider, tuned in to improving you and your horse, and;
  • this results in achieving a better and happier partnership with your horse, where you are seeing real improvements and are positive about training progress along with setting bigger goals for your riding.

Where to find new gear that puts you in a good mindset and inspires you to take your riding to the next level?

Horse Desires has a great range for horse and rider of well fitting, great looking, hard wearing products that are inspiring each time you put them on.

Look good, ride better, achieve more

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