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Ice Bell Boots

Sprouting of green grasses during spring and autumn means that owners with laminitic horses or ponies have to be extra vigilant in the monitoring of their equine friends. It can be a debilitating and unfortunately, sometimes deadly, disease that can progress quite quickly in some cases. In all cases of suspected laminitis or any other lameness which a cause cannot be identified, it is recommended veterinarian diagnosis and treatment is sought.

Vets will sometimes recommend that the horse should have its feet iced as much as possible after the onset of laminitis to help reduce inflammation in the hoof. This can be done in a variety of ways, getting the horse to stand in iced water in a bucket, putting an old sock or shower cap on and filling it with ice. These methods, while effective, require the horse to stand still which either means holding or supervising the horse while tied up or being fed. This requires owners to commit the time to supervising the horse and have a horse that is happy to stand relatively still for reasonable periods of time.

This is where these ice bell boots come in, helping reduce the time spent standing around for both owner and horse and increase the period that the feet are iced.  These bell boots are designed with an elastic inner for the ice to be inserted into. The outer shell of the boot being PVC/neoprene and having the having the insulation properties increases the time before the ice completely melts. Being bell boots it means that they can be left on without any concern whether the horse is in a stable/yard or out in a paddock (hopefully a bare one or with a grazing muzzle).

Unfortunately, I can vouch for the impact these ice boots can have on the recovery of laminitic horse as I have used the prototype of this boot on my own horse's last episode of laminitis. Also I will be using as a precautionary measure every time grass sprouts in spring, summer and autumn.

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