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Sponsored Rider - Georgie Constance


Riders name: Georgie Constance

Rider's horse/s name/s:  Rocklodge Jack Daniels (Jack) - 14yr old TB Gelding

                                        Rocklodge Southern Comfort (Dex) - 7yr old TB Gelding

                                        Rocklodge Whatadude (Dude) - 8yr old QH Gelding

                                        Rocklodge Reigning Autumn (Annie) - 3yr old QH Filly

Facebook page: 

Instagram account:


Horse related interests:

Our two main disciplines are Eventing and Showjumping as well as participating and competing in a Team Penning (annual local event), local Agricultural shows, Dressage comps, Pony Club, Rodeos as well as my local ARC so basically any event that I can get my horses too!

We love to be out competing and I love changing it up for my horses each weekend so they don’t get too sick of the same thing over and over and get to go new places!

Greatest horse related achievement to date:

My greatest achievement to date would probably be Jack, one of my current superstars.

Jack was the first horse I purchased with all my own hard-earned money. He was skin and bone and hadn’t been out to any event except the racetrack. Over the 3 years that I have now owned Jack he has gone from being scared of a trot pole to showjumping 110cm. He took me from being petrified of cross country to now successfully competing and placing at EvA95cm.

I owe all my successes to this horse and to be able to say that I was the one who trained him from the ground up since retiring from racing, is by far my greatest achievement.

Horse related goals/s:

My horse related goals for 2019 include starting Dex’s new career in the eventing world. My goal is to have him competing at EvA80cm by the end of the year and to get him more confident with his showjumping and uncover his true talent.

For Jack, this year will include more eventing at 95cm to try work our way up to 105cm. Our showjumping goals include getting more confident at 115cm+ showjumping.

For Annie 2019 will be all about getting her out to events for the exposure and starting to fine tune some of her cattle work skills.

Dude, has since gone out on lease so is teaching a young child the ropes of pony club!

How these goals are going to be achieved or what is your focus?:

To achieve these goals, I will be attending numerous clinics throughout the country-side in order to receive lessons and training with high end instructors to enable my dreams to come true. As well as this I will maintain our regular competition schedule to allow my team the most exposure as possible in a variety of disciplines.

Why should Horse Desire customers support you in your journey?:

I feel that due to our regular competition schedule that I will be able to successfully promote the Horse Desires brand to varying audiences of equestrians throughout the range of disciplines we participate in. My team would greatly appreciate the support from Horse Desires customers to help this small- town farm girl achieve her dreams within the equestrian community with my team of retired racehorses and station-bred quarter horses.

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