Sponsored Rider - Tiffany Walsh


Riders name: Tiffany Walsh

Rider's horse/s name/s:LR Days Of Gold(Beans)

Facebook page: Lily Rose Equus

Instagram account: @lilyroseequus

Horse related interests:

We mainly compete in show jumping but also mix the occasional dressage competition in as well.

Greatest horse related achievement to date:

My greatest personal achievement with Beans would be placing 6th in one of our dressage tests at TTT Dressage last year in level 3 in a large competitive field as he is more of a show jumper than a dressage horse. I didn’t expect to come home with any placings, only to work on him being more relaxed warming up and in the arena, which is why it feels like the greatest achievement with him so far.

Horse related goals/s:

I’m aiming to compete in our first 1.05m class this year and hopefully progress higher by the end of the year.

How these goals are going to be achieved or what is your focus?:

I plan to work hard, focus on what we need to do to improve our performances at competitions and have regular lessons to do so.

Why should Horse Desire customers support you in your journey?:

I’m passionate about our sport and hope to encourage riders of any age to chase after their dreams no matter how big or small they are. Anything is possible if you just believe.

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