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Sponsored Rider- Anika Green


Rider's name: Anika Green (4 Gold Equestrian)

Rider's horse/s name/s:  Aspire 4 Gold (Aspire)

                                          Promise 4 Gold (Priss)

                                          Idolised 4 Gold (Idol)

                                          Bella (no competition name as yet)

Facebook page:  4 Gold Equestrian

                              Anika Green 

Instagram account: 4 Gold Equestrian

Horse related interests:

Predominately Dressage & Eventing. Love my matchy matchy gear too!

Greatest horse related achievement to date:

Multiple State Championships & National Team Selections.

Horse related goals/s:

In 2020 I would like to successfully compete Promise 4 Gold in Medium Dressage & Prelim Eventing at the bigger competitions such as CDI’s, 2**, States and Nationals. I would also like to start my young horse ‘Bella’ and begin her competition career. If we can successfully compete preliminary & train Novice I would be exceptionally happy.

How these goals are going to be achieved or what is your focus?:

With Promise 4 Gold, I will continue perfecting her Medium & Advanced Dressage work to ensure we are 100% ready for competition at Medium level. Priss has found flying changes a little difficult, so if we can solidify them I would be very happy. With Bella, I aim to produce consistency in her training and eventually at competitions. I have produced many young horses so I know outings can be very daunting - however hopefully with time she will be a Dressage Queen!

Why should Horse Desire customers support you in your journey?:

I believe I am a truly devoted, dedicated and talented rider, trainer and coach.  I breed and produce exceptional horses for the performance ring.  On top of being a well-known rider, I am also a certified Dressage Judge and International Coach.  My coaching journey expanded early 2019, and I am currently representing Australia in China as an equestrian coach, selected by PCA.  I endeavour to continue my international coaching journey, as well as my business in Australia, hopefully with Horse Desires as a sponsor.  

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